Robert Anton Wilson - Prometheus Rising

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Robert Anton Wilson - Prometheus Rising
in Arkansas
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'tis an ill wind that blows no minds

That about sums up my feelings about Prometheus Rising (and RAW in general). I've owned PromRis for at least 15 years and am still doing the excercizes to this day. There is such a humanity that shines through Bob's work that I can't help but be overwhelmed with affection whenever I dip my head in his strange, funny, wonderful Work. Jared if you haven't heard it yet there is a file out there in Internet-land titled "Prometheus Rising" where Bob riffs and jangles on the 8 circuits.

Bottom line: I agree with Jared, this book is absolutly essential for anyone wanting to grow some juicy new fibers and connections. - Changely , posted 02/04/10
Prometheus Rising
Liked Illuminatus? How about Principia Discordia? Take the next step and flip through RAW's "prometheus Rising", An excellent reference manual for sentient beings desiring evolution and wish to open up new reality tunnels and circuits. Empowering and visionary. The very best of Robert Anton Wilson.

-Jared - Jared , posted 08/01/06
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